Android v.8.30.x - News, fixes & bugs

v.8.30 is out (in beta)!!

No evident differences noted from v.8.27/8.28/8.29… :thinking:

News & fixes:

  • please report!


  • still available on Play Store only for device with good Safety Net status (…absurd! :see_no_evil:)
  • still working only on unrooted/untouched devices (see above… :roll_eyes:)
  • issues for recent Huawei devices (Google Mobile Service detected msg) fixed?!?
  • target Android is stil v.11…


v.8.30.1 is out!

No differences noted from v.8.30 beta…

Some are reporting difficulties/unability to login with every Android app version over 8.29.x (8.30 and subsequents…).

I have not this issue.