Android Tap and Pay Support from Revolut App

The latest Android releases support host based car emulation You should be able to use this technology to add tap and go from android mobile phones for NFC payments. You would need to implement some sort of white box cryptography and have access to some sort of a token service provided by MC. It would be pretty cool to do though. Unfortunately iOS does not allow the developer the same sort of access but I would do it for Android within your app!


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Thank you for your suggestion - we’ll take it on board.

Thank you

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We need Tap & Pay. It is the future.

Other services like ShakePay that aim to offer the same multi-currency facilities than Revolut already offer it.

Please consider Tap & Pay…

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+1 all the way.
Tap & Pay, allowing to use our NFC-enabled mobiles in cotactless terminals would be great and would definitely "Revolut"ionise the market.

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+1 on this, would be really handy!

Will Revolut support Android Tap & Pay later this year? Is it listed on the product backlog?

Note this feature is not solved by giving us Google Pay. Google Pay means adding your card details to Google and having your banking transactions go through Google. Just like Apple Pay.

With Android Tap & Pay you do not share anything with Google. It simply allows the Revolut app to recognise a payment request from the NFC chip of the phone.

This is not possible on iPhones since Apple wants everything to go through their servers. This is an Android only feature and very interesting for users who are woke and do not simply share stuff with Google just to make their life easier.

Interestingly the support recently told me it’s planned.