Android smartwatch support


I would be glad if I could use Revolut on an Android-based smartwatch. I’m not referring to Android Wear but instead regular Android-based smartwatches made by smaller Chinese manufacturers (for example No.1 D5+, Finow X5, Kingwear KW88, etc.)
Common features of these make them suitable for running the Revolut android app:

– Android 5.1
– standalone SIM card support including receiving SMS
– fast CPU and enough RAM
– Play Store available

The only possible obstacle is the screen size which is 360x360px or 400x400px round, so the UI probably needs a few changes.

I didn’t try running the current app yet because I’m now considering the purchase of a smartwatch like this.

I would be glad to read feedbacks especially if somebody already had success running it on a similar smartwatch. Thanks!


one of the things you will be missing is Google Play Services, which the app seems to require for some operations


I think that Google Play Services is also available on these devices because they run full Android 5.1 OS and I have seen many videos that show a working Play Store, so it’s a reasonable assumption that Play Services is also present.