[Android] Phone Contacts duplicated (x2)


If I allow the Revolut application to access the contacts after couples of hours the Contacts in default Phone applications appear duplicated. Most probably the Phone application scan contacts in existing accounts from time to time.

Note: is not about multiple contacts, just duplicated.
First contact info are from google account and the second contacts are from revAccount account.

Workaround is to remove this account (revAccount) from phone and block the Revolut account to access my contacts.

Second contact contain only two items:

I have an Android One phone with a genuine Android OS and Phone application is also genuine link: Phone by Google LLC
This issue can be reproduced on Android emulator too, so it is not related with the phone device used only with the combination: Revolut + Google Phone application.

This issue is reproducible on latest Revolut version too (5.12)

Unfortunately my previous reported bug was removed from the community without a notice or an explanation, so please do not remove this post too, it’s a frustrating issue!


I don’t want to bump this topic just to be on top, but I do not want to let the impression that I abandoned it.
After each Revolut update I uninstall from my phone the existing version and I reinstall it, to have a clean installation.
Unfortunately this issue is still reproducible in version 5.18 too.

I’m not sure if is someone have same issue like mine on a clean Android OS.