Android Pay support


Anything new on the subject of Android Pay support? I mean in a way in which you could add your virtual or physical Revolut card to Android Pay in order to use that card to pay via Android Pay. That would be mindblowing!


I find it wholly unjustified to have to pay £5 to obtain a virtual Revolut card on the app and to not be able to pay for goods because the service has yet to be supported via NFC and Android Pay. The overall service so far has been a great experience and one where I have ventured out in trusting a small but growing company with my money.

This has to be a major priority as per dozens of comments from the community!


There is workaround but now it only works for US customers.
You have to have PayPal account, then add your Revolut card to this. Then you can pay using Androi Pay:


to be honest I see that Apple Pay users are more active, and Apple Pay seems to be on the way and possible very soon. It is sad for me that we don’t have similar information about Android Pay…


It WOULD NOT BE GREAT, it is f… unbelievable that after 2 yeras of paying by phone i have to GO BACK TO PAYING BY CARD! BACK TO THE 2000s! "THANK YOU for real Backwards Revolution. Pitiful.


Any update on this? Monzo and Starling both have it, which makes me more likely to use these cards than my Revolut card.


any news on this yet? seems to be nothing new happening towards it. will it be available soon?


Now Revolut issues their own cards, then maybe it is easier to load the card to Android Pay? (Hopeful question)


Please bring the possibility to pay using the Revolut app, also if there’s no android Pay Support in that country.

In Austria we don’t have Android Pay, we just have boon (It’s also a wirecard company) and you can pay on the phone when you have a Mastercard at some banks, so if i could use Revolut to pay i’d use it for sure and Revolut’s concept seems perfect for this.



Any progress/update on this?




bump any timescale update on this


In Czech article there is info about 3 months:


I have stopped using Revolut in the UK until I can pay with my phone and watch.


Well that just daft IMHO.



+1 for the feature.
This would be a huge differentiator so you should make it a priority.


it is working now! Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?


Please, implement Android Pay!


Hi @Olegs8 !

Please see this topic : Does Revolut Card support Android Pay?
Depending on your country etc, availiability may vary (I guess, no expert here), but a lot of people (including me) report Revolut’s physical Mastercards work great with Gpay :slight_smile:


I am also considering quit Revolut due to lack of Android Pay support for Visa cards. I’ve been waiting for this months without any news when this should be implemented


Thanks for the good ideas to bring it. I know a lot more. ::stuck_out_tongue: