Android Pay support

It would be great if you could add Android Pay support


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This would be a great addition to the Revolut app. I currently have the non contactless card so can not take advantage of contactless payments. Also the ability to top up with Android Pay would be nice.

Please bring this feature! It would be awesome


Defo need Android pay support. It is the way forward and I use it all the time.

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It should be easier to support because unlike than Apple Pay, Android pay has no fees attached. I would really like to have it soon.

please bring this function in not all of use apple phones. also support for android watches i see the apple watch app is coming how about the same for the samsung watches

We are still looking into the possibility of supporting Android pay, once we have more information we will announce :satellite:


Hey! How is it going? :wink: Android Wear 2.0 is almost here and Android Pay with NFC smartwatches will be supported.

Looking forward to this one!

Any news it’s been a while now looking at the thread?

Hey! Any update on that? :wink:

Understand that you are waiting to become your own issuer of cards but I am waiting for this one :slight_smile:

We are waiting for supporting of Android pay


What happened with android pay in top up in my app it vanished.

Hey, we are still waiting…

Anything new on the subject of Android Pay support? I mean in a way in which you could add your virtual or physical Revolut card to Android Pay in order to use that card to pay via Android Pay. That would be mindblowing!


I find it wholly unjustified to have to pay ÂŁ5 to obtain a virtual Revolut card on the app and to not be able to pay for goods because the service has yet to be supported via NFC and Android Pay. The overall service so far has been a great experience and one where I have ventured out in trusting a small but growing company with my money.

This has to be a major priority as per dozens of comments from the community!


There is workaround but now it only works for US customers.
You have to have PayPal account, then add your Revolut card to this. Then you can pay using Androi Pay:

to be honest I see that Apple Pay users are more active, and Apple Pay seems to be on the way and possible very soon. It is sad for me that we don’t have similar information about Android Pay…

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