Android Pay not showing Revolut's USD fees.


I topped up using Android Pay. Only after the top up was completed was I shown that Revolut had charged a fee (3%). I expect Android Pay to have the same behavior as Apple Pay in that Apple Pay shows the fee before taking money.


Hello @bsalita,

Same rules apply.

Debit card: Free

Credit Card 1%

USD debit/credit card: 3% / 4%


Andreas K.


I hope you are agreeing that this is a lack of transparency issue and will be quickly corrected.


@bsalita why? This information is on our website. Same rules apply long time now. Android Pay hasn’t changed something. Topping up with USD is expensive for us, so there is a 3% fee.


But he is right that it would be a FAIR TOUCH, if that Fee is shown before taken, that someone that NOT is Familiar with the Conditions has the possibility to cancel before it cost him and you money!


I’m trying to help make Revolut the best app of its type. Please pay attention to what your customers are telling you. Revolut should promote the idea they’re all about fair fees and fee transparency. You should be championing the idea of transparency and using it as a means to distinguish Revolut from old school competition. As for fee amounts, if 3% is what you need to make a profit, then that’s what you need to charge. Customers will weigh the competition and hopefully select Revolt.


Hi @bsalita,

Absolutely, we’ll take your feedback on board. I’ve passed it to the relevant team.


Andreas K


It’s just a few lines of code. Hope to see the change soon.