Android Emulator



Because I need the Revolut application to open an account and because I don’t want to buy a new phone to upload the application, I am using “Nox”, which is an Android Emulator. However, when I have to create a passcode (after enter the phone number), a message error appears: “We’re sorry, something has gone wrong. Please try later”.

An idea about this?


Help please, cannot sign into app

I think your emulator do not emulate SIM module. As mentioned on FAQ, :r: does not support tablets (same issue). But it is only idea, I’m not sure about it.



I used “Nox” first, and finally it is working with “BlueStacks”, which emulate an Android phone. Some little bugs but it is working. The sim is only used to receive messages. At the end, it is possible to have the application revolut on a computer :slight_smile: