Android contacts with Revolut

Hello, I have two devices. An iPhone 7 Plus and a Samsung Galaxy S5.

Both have synced the same contact list. Trying to send money to a friend, in my iPhone I have two tabs: “Contacts on Revolut” and “Other contacts”. But in Samsung, in “Contacts on Revolut” only appears my international contacts with Revolut.

It seems is a bug with prefix in Android version, and it isn’t adding the right prefix to my number, so Revolut don’t recognize my local contacts as Revolut contacts.

In my mother’s Android phone, same happens. And she doesn’t have any international number with Revolut, so she only views “Other contacts” tab. She can’t send money to anything.

Do you know about this issue? Or how can I solve it?


To send to a friend, I need to send some money to the Android device and look for the transaction to press “Send money”. After that appears as frequent with the phone number (no contact name)

Hi there.

Could you please to add the correct prefixes to the phone numbers for your contacts. The numbers should start with +[country_code]

Yes but I have to change more than 700 contacts when the iOS version don’t have this bug. Only happens in Android version.

There are apps that automatically add the prefix to all your contact list numbers.

Yes! WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, etc… and any other apps.

I think Revolut need to verify this.