Android app identity verification gets stuck


Android app identity verification gets stuck with a blank screen.

  • Profile > Personal details > Verify identity
  • select “Working or Family visa”, press “Continue”
  • photograph a visa affixed in your passport
  • app’s passcode screen pops up, enter a passcode
  • blank white screen with “X” in the top left corner and un-clickable shaded “My visa is readable” at the bottom.


Is this expected behaviour?


I have a similar issue just lie you. I’m using Samsung S8 with the latest available Android version :frowning:


Same issue on Samsung 8 Note with the latest updates.

Verification least more than month and the notification saying it takes no more then 10 minutes is in this case extremely annoying.

Tries to use app help, however there is only a bot, which only makes me more annoyed.

Could you help me with it?