Android app 8.63 crashes

Hi how can i leave the Beta tester program?i am Beta tester and i think that’s why i am having issues

Google play - Revolut - Leave beta

The problem has been resolved for me. This morning I received an update to version 8.63-beta-174. I had to sign in again using my phone number, a one-time code by email, my normal app code, and take a selfie. I was back in the app within a minute.

As someone who deliberately signed up for betas, the 2-day issue was annoying but can be expected at least occasionally. Whoever doesn’t want to experience any potential beta issues, can leave the beta on the Play Store. An email acknowledging the issue to beta users and advising them to wait a bit or how to leave the beta test would have been nice though.

Hi, i’m leave the beta, installed the regular app e continue don’t work. Previously I had already tried all the procedures of other users :man_facepalming:t2:

What a nightmare. I have reported this to the Banking Authorities as it is unacceptable.
You would have thought that Revolut would have staff monitoring this site and offering solutions, not customers scraping around trying to use teir bank account.

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the beta is fixed now for me

works on Samsung tablet, but not on Oneplus smartphone (beta)

What a joke! They don’t have working web app (to be able to make transactions) and they release a faulty version to production! What an absolute joke!
Version 8.62.1 crashing on Honor 8, cannot even open the app!

It is absolutely ridiculous to have such an issue pending for so long being a bank institution. I will consider leaving revolut for good.

I just saw that the web-app looks similar like the app. Transactions are not working? If its really not working maybe possible to solve by using the API.

8.63.1 shows on playstore. Do they fixed issues and is it safe to install?

No issues here with 8.63.1 @moon

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Yes, it works fine, no crash.

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Thanks for feedback, installed 8.63.1, works for me too!

Hello guys. I am feed up with 3DS Authorization failed with Android Revolut application. I have to connect to Revolut www from a pc to complete CB deposit on Revolut. Use this alternative method from my phone is also uncompleted. Revolut support is unable to explain why last june operations from my phone was suceeded. And no more right nom from the same phone. Same result with all my CB. I tried the beta version : same situation. I tried to un install revolut google app et re insalled. Revolut google app is unable to link login procedure with mail authorization. Blocked on revolut google application. Even after phone reboot

Please, I need help, I can´t contact with the staff of Revolut because I can´t remember my password to enter to the app… When I try to recover my password, the app crashes… Please, where could I be in touch with the staff???