Android app 8.63 crashes

I’ve just received the update to version 8.63 and it keeps crashing. I deleted the cache, restarted my phone (realme X2 Pro with Android 11) and tried to open it various times, but it kept crashing. I hope it will be fixed with the next release in a day or two. Is there a way to go back in time and install the previous version?
At least I can access the web interface, and I can log in using my phone number, pin, and code via text message.


I have same problem. Sent a message in Messenger and via chat on web version of app.


Yes, the same. Reported problem as well.

Same problem with the OnePlus8 Pro android 11
I switched to all, deleted cache, rebooted keeps crashing
I uninstalled, restarted, re-downloaded, installed, restarted, it keeps crashing.

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Same crash while starting app on Huawei P30 pro. Deleted caches, reinstalled - no luck. Best wishes to QA team and testers :slight_smile:


The same here. I cannot open the app. I have restarted the phone, cleared the cache, cleared the app data…but nothing.

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strange! On my Realme Master GT Android 11 as well, it’s currently running with
this Build : 8.62.1
and apparently it’s the latest release…
Don’t know where you got 8.63. Anyway, try to remove and reinstall it again.

Same happening to me, 8.63 keep crashing, deleted the cache, restarted phone, nothing helps.

Im new to the community but been using the app as a beta user for about 2 years. Having the same issue with android and app version 12-8072170

Same issue on Samsung Note 20 Ultra, keeps reopening, annoying.

Same problem on One+ 6T. Unable to launch app.

SOLVED!!! Work around for this problem… 8.63 is a beta version .uninstalled the app and removed myself from the beta program, then after a few minutes I was able to install 8.62.1 and everything works again.


I have the same issue with my Samsung Galaxy S20.

Version 8.63 crashing on Redmi Note 10 Pro App crashes as soon as attempt to open and cant use to make payments!

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Same problem with Samsung S9+ please do something about it fast

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Same problem. Also Revolut Business just hangs… I can’t get access to anything!

Same problem!

I cannot enter in the app!

I am in the beta test version and I just want to install the old version

The same here on my Samsung S20 FE and Revolut app version 8.63 :frowning:

Same issue on Samsung s22 ultra

Same on PIxel 3 XL. I have a junior account linked, and i cannot see it via the web