Android 4.2.2

Is There ANY way to use Revoult on Android 4.2.2 or I’m just left behind with older phone and without working app?

Hi there.

At the moment our app is available for iPhones (iOS 8), iPads or Android (4.3) supported phones with a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches.

Unfortunately Android tablets are not currently supported.


…maybe your phone is supported by Lineage-OS, check here:

(if it’s not listed there - check if there’s an inofficial release on

(my old Xperia T works fine on Android 7.1.2 :wink: Sony only gave ONE upgrade to 4.3 back in the days)


Works on Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 LTE ( SM-T555) with Nougat or whatever name has the latest Android


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Thanks Guys, I remember cyanogenmod from “back then” days :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: It seems to be the same thing, but officially not supporting my really good old GT-S7580 will read more about unofficiall relases. Its time to tinker with phone again as I don’t want to change it because its really good for me and I get angry when someone (like revolut now) just force me to change just “because”.
BTW it’s really a shame for revolut to show to their clients (or rather potential clients), that availability of their service is so much dependent of the android version. There SHOULD be win/mac/linux client too.

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Well, to be fair - Android <4.3 is realy old, and after Stagefry and other vulnerabilities not to be considered “safe” anymore…

But yeah, there should be a client for non-cellphones… (a simple browser-variant would do the trick, too :wink:

btw. Did anyone tried Bluestack for desktop? :blush:
Gonna try it now

it’s working

So, that’s a solution

I tried Bluestack - sometimes it works, sometimes it hangs whole win system - isn’t very reliable.

Ok, my phone isnt supported by LineageOS, but Cyanogenmod did the trick as always :slight_smile: Thanks for suggestions.

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So I am currently using 4.2.2 and have sent 3k to my Revolution account? Are you saying I can’t access this because 4.2.2 is no longer supported? What am I to do?

4.2 hasnt been supported for about a year. Not even 4.3 is supported anymore. Current Revolut versions require at least 4.4 and I expect that to be bumped to 5.0 relatively soon. Google does not even support that version anymore but only 6.0 and newer.

4.2 is hopelessly outdated and you should upgrade as soon as possible to at least Android 7. For the time being you could use an Android emulator on your desktop.

I was using 4.2.2 last December in Poland so it was working. Asking Revolut how I am supposed to get my funds refunded? Why should I have to purchase a new phone?

Because at this point Android 4.2 is a potential security risk. Upgrading to at least 7 is in your own security interest.

What you can do is - as I already mentioned - use an Android emulator on your desktop and send the funds to a different bank account.

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Well, frankly purchase a phone which will give you support for ~4 years. That’s something… hard with Android. I think just Nexus and Pixel are getting long time support. Nexus 6P got 8.0 officially.
Or iPhone, where you have 5 years support.

Old OSs which does not receive security support aren’t compatible with any financial app…

Or if your PC is powerful enough, you can get Bluestack. It consume lots of resources, that’s why might hang on old PCs.