Android "1" Notification won't clear!


Any joy lads? It’s wrecking my head! Haha


I PM’d my number to @AndreasK but haven’t heard any update. Interestingly I looked at my friends (also in Ireland) Revolut android app at the weekend and he doesn’t have the persistent notification.


Same here. I still have the notification but a few people I know with android don’t.


@be-codified is having the same problem with ios


No changes here so far…


The team is working on a fix. Thank you for your help & patience guys :slight_smile:

android / notification number on icon app doesn't disappear

Seems to be solved in the latest release.


Yep, after the update, there was the Cryptocurrency-message, after that - “1”-Notification gone :slight_smile:

Thanks @revolut :slight_smile:


Woop woop! All sorted here with the new update. HALLELUJAH :raised_hands:


Hooray :tada: :tada:


The problem was actually resolved but it is back, for about a week now. Clearing all the app data doesn’t help. Any ideas?


Same with me - permanent “1”-Notification is back since last app-update…


Same here. I think this time it’s due to insurance: when I switch there it’s sunny and new for split second then gray and “coming soon”


Yeah @bananacanyon the same happened for me but when I clicked in to it anyway it cleared


Didn’t clear it for me


It seems that the latest update really messed up notifications (this bug and another one where notifications disappeared for users of Android >= 8.0).

I’m wondering how long will it take for Revolut to find the problem and roll back the changes, given that 4.11 is basically a version which ended up being a mess.


Hi all. Thank you for your feedback. We’re looking into it :muscle: I will keep you posted.


Hello andreas could you help with this problem as well? My number is in france but I put my address in swiss. Because of that, I cannot enrol the device insurance. I can see that there is a new indication in the device insurance which I cannot click.
Henceforth, I cannot click this number 1 sign from the revolut app. Is there anyway to clear it ?


version 4.12 (currently in the play store) fixes this problem


The same for me too, for several weeks. Version 4.12 doesn’t fix it at all.
It’s because of the assurance and I guess it happens for people living in countries where the assurance is not available.

Fix it please, thanks.