Android "1" Notification won't clear!


Since installing the app last week I have had a badge notification stuck on the app on my home screen and when I enter the app a notification sitting on the “more” tab. I have searched through everything and even uninstalled and reinstalled the app and I still can’t clear it. Any help would be much appreciated!

android / notification number on icon app doesn't disappear

@AndreasK have you solved this before? I’ve seen a few topics of people with the same problem but can’t find a resolution!


Hallo everyone,

Having the same issue since installing the Revolut App, yesterday it received an update - Notification-1 is still there eventough there’s no notification…

System: Nexus5x, Oreo, Revolut-App 4.7.3


Same problem here. Out of interest are you from Ireland? I’m wondering if it started happening when they retracted phone insurence from the Irish market


Yeah @gallagherbrian I’m also in Ireland


I’m in Switzerland - did they have that phone-insurence in CH, and then retracted it there, too?


Guys! Could you please send me your phone number associated with your account via DM?


done (hopefully the right way :wink:


Any joy lads? It’s wrecking my head! Haha


I PM’d my number to @AndreasK but haven’t heard any update. Interestingly I looked at my friends (also in Ireland) Revolut android app at the weekend and he doesn’t have the persistent notification.


Same here. I still have the notification but a few people I know with android don’t.


@be-codified is having the same problem with ios


No changes here so far…


The team is working on a fix. Thank you for your help & patience guys :slight_smile:

android / notification number on icon app doesn't disappear

Seems to be solved in the latest release.


Yep, after the update, there was the Cryptocurrency-message, after that - “1”-Notification gone :slight_smile:

Thanks @revolut :slight_smile:


Woop woop! All sorted here with the new update. HALLELUJAH :raised_hands:


Hooray :tada: :tada:


The problem was actually resolved but it is back, for about a week now. Clearing all the app data doesn’t help. Any ideas?


Same with me - permanent “1”-Notification is back since last app-update…