Andoid Pay topup problem


I have problem, Revolut app suspends for the last payment confirmation and top up can not be done. Tested on two phones (Android 6.0.1 and 8.0.0) with several cards.


  1. go to topup
  2. chose Android pay
  3. change currency for PLN
  4. enter topup value (checked with 50 and 100 PLN)
  5. click topup
  6. chose card in Android pay
  7. click next
    Expected: topup is done
    Actual: the app is suspended, only loading circle is on the screen (picture attached)

App version 4.7.1


Hi there.

Thank you for your feedback.

Is the 3d secure active on this card?


Theoretically it is enabled, but when I try to top up :r: with the same card but directly (top up by card) only cvc was needed, not code from 3d secure.
I would like to top up the app by Android pay because it is the easiest way for me.


Strange. I can see that it’s not active. Could you please confirm this with your bank?


Sure. I tried today with two cards, first issued by mBank (MC Credit, ending with**96), this card has activated 3d secure (paid yesterday online payment, and 3d secure code was needed). Second card added to Android pay and failed to top up in this type of popup, issued by Alior Bank (MC debit, ending **77) should be 3d secured by default as I found in card statute on banks web site, but I will confirm it in a few days.


I’ve checked it by my self by paying a small amount on site which requires 3d secure code usually (when I am paying by mBank card), and Alior MC (ending**77) is NOT 3d secured.


i have the same problem with android pay fee in PLN i have debit card, fee as credit


It is not the same problem. I am not able to top up at all using Android Pay.


I can not top up using android Pay in PLN in other currencies is all OK

top up in:
PLN faild


OK, I understand. And maybe this will help @AndreasK to find out solution


Looking into it now.


Problem resolved on 4.7.3, new problem reported App crashes when entering chat :wink:


Can you upload screenshots of the issue?


Hi, I am attaching screenshots:

And it is all what I can do, next is information about not responding or crash.
I am not able to upload video recording (forum limitations)


Ok thank you. We’re working on a fix and it should be live today.

In the meantime you can log out & log back in, it helps.

App crashes when entering chat