Analytics for income

I would like to also monitor the income. For example in N26 not only you can see where you spend, but also your income sources.
Monitoring the income sources over time would be nice.
Maybe even comparing what comes in and what comes out, in order to have a net analyics.


I totally agree. If you pay a friend’s expenses and then they transfer their share back, analytics will still display everything you spent, not deducting what your friend transferred to your account. This makes analytics useless most months. Net analytics would be way more insightful than the current option.


Agreed, it’s the same for vaults if you put money in a vault and withdraw it it will be counted twice.


Please guys! Let’s prioritize this feature, for someone who really uses monthly/ weekly budgets to organize his life and would like to use Revolut as the one-stop app to manage everything finance this is a must!