An option for a shorter cardholder name on the card


Many UK banks, by default, issue cards with name initials (“Mr M Fassbrause”) on the card as opposed to the full name.

With competitors such as DiPocket and Bunq, it is at least an option not to have the full name on the card. DiPocket has solved this issue in a way that involves editing the “cardholder name” in the user settings and then reapplying for a new set of cards after the change has been approved by the team.

I would be delighted to see this option added to Revolut as well. I understand that there are Revolut cards in circulation that don’t bear a name at all but I personally don’t find this a satisfying solution.


I believe having your real name on the card is not even a requirement anymore (or maybe it depends on countries?)

My bank lets me decide what I want them to put on the card when I order it. For instance the credit card of my joint account only has my wife and my initials: “C & A”. No other name on it.


It would just depend on the bank’s own policy although generally speaking, banks in different countries tend to have different policies.

Most UK banks: Gender + Initial + Last name
Dutch banks: Initial + Last name
German banks: First name + occasionally even all first names even if it looks a bit daft + Last name


Exactly, so bank policy means Revolut could let us choose what we want on our cards :wink:


Wait, No names on card now? (I’m in pending for my :r: card)… how this works?


I spoke to Revolut and they are still forcing full names on cards. It’s a shame as I hate my full full name on my card :frowning:


I hate it too, actually I never use the second first name. Neither for other banks, visas, flight tickets :laughing:

But dunno what was in my min d with revolut and is the full name…


It’s a shame as well as I got the nice looking black card, but with my full full name on it kinda stops me from showing it off :frowning:


Thats a great idea. I also need to include my title for example




I mean, if it is your title :wink: