Amount on Apple Watch not updated


The amount on my Revolut-complication in my Modular Watch Face is not updated on my Apple Watch. I do get a notification of every transaction just fine; the complication just doesn’t update the amount left in my account.


I reinstalled the Revolut-App on my iPhone 6S Plus 128GB and logged in. Everything seems fine. Now though, I CAN see the Revolut-Complication as being available, but when I modify my ‘Modular’ Watch Face and scroll through the available Complications, Revolut is not in the list, so I cannot select it.

Any ideas?


…when manually changing the modules on my Modular Watch Face, I -can- select Revolut and now it displays the correct amount. I receive notifications of transactions of the amount and where it happened, but this amount is still not updated in the Watch Face… Seems like a bug to me.