Amazon UK payment


Hi there,

I’ve on e question regarding my payment for Amazon UK. Yesterday I bought something at Amazon website in UK. Few minutes before transaction I changed money from polish zloty (my currency) to GBP. I paid my invoice in GBP. Till now - I see that money is on my account (GBP currency) - payment realized for Amazon still 0 GBP. There is information " Your payment is waiting for confirmation or reject by Seller". I don’t know if my payment will be realized or not? Is the system (revolut or Amazon) waiting for any activity from my side? How long it may be waiting?
Thanks in advance for your support.


Hey @maciekk :slight_smile:

I believe that, as long as you don’t see a rejected payment in :r: or an alert in Amazon everything should be fine. Amazon does not usually charge your card until they’re actually shipping the product :wink:


Hi Juliopp,:slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for quick feedback. I’ll be waiting for some information from Amazon or Revolut. I try be patient (it was my first transaction with Revolut card. I don’t remember how it was with my transactions in the past used with traditional credit card).
Thanks once again. :smiley:


Amazon usually only charges the payment a few moments before they ship the itens, so that, for example, if you cancel anything in the meantime, they don’t have to give you the money back.
The “zero” charge you see is only so they can check if the card is valid. Don’t worry about that!