overcharging my Revolut card


Yesterday I’ve done an Amazon Order with Revolut for the first time. It took literally 6 hours (!) for the order value to become available in the Revolut app, which was irritating as it usually takes seconds for the charge notification to show.

This morning a second Amazon charge showed up in Revolut - which now makes the whole order overcharged, in other words Amazon have charged my Revolut card more than the order value actually is.

I’ve asked Amazon for a refund and their response is “your bank is holding this extra authorisation on your card. Some banks have been known to hold these authorisations for 7-10 business days, and you will need to contact your bank if you wish to have this authorisation removed sooner.”

How I understand this is that I will get the overcharge refunded by Revolut. Is that correct to assume?


Hello @sredenz,

Apologies for the long wait. Unfortunately we’re receiving high volume of requests which is causing delay.

I can take a look into your account so we can investigate what’s going on. Just to clarify, Revolut does not charge.

Are you able to send me your phone number via a direct message?


Andreas K


Hello Revolut, no response?


Ok so I see my account has been unlocked now. Thank you.