Amazon + Revolut = AMAZON ACCOUNT LOCK!?


Hi, I recently registered on, I ordered a few things using my revolut card and… my account got locked (on Amazon)… they want a statement with my last debit card digits but well, I can’t because IT DOESN’T SHOW ON REVOLUT and they haven’t charged me so far (They didn’t even want a CVV number which is weird)… I need to unlock this account because I Already bought a few things using my amazon gift card, worth at least 120 euro now… Please help me to unlock my account…


Sounds like Amazon customer service would be better suited to help you out?

(Question: “my last debit card digits”. Are you referring to a code shown on a card account statement or to the actual debit card digits?)


the ending of the card e.g. XXXX XXXX XXXX XX23

They want a card statement or something like this which revolut doesn’t offer


That is an odd requirement. None of my accounts (revolut or traditional bank accounts) ever show the card number in the statement, because cards can change, their numbers change every time a card expires, but the account doesn’t get reset or re-made.

I would say go back to Amazon to clarify because in my experience it would be impossible for me to obtain that statement no matter if I was using Revolut or my physical bank.


Hey Amazok

If you contact Support they can generate that statement for you. It shouldn’t take long :slight_smile:


That’s useful to know!


how can I contact the support then? I don’t have Revolut Premium :frowning:


You can contact support through the app. You don’t need premium for support.

More -> Help -> Chat to us


The bot is sweet nur typing “live agent” is the key. The bot offers that. Made good experience yesterday. :ok_hand:t3: