Amazon issues?

Am I the only one having colossal issues with paying at

I have had decline issues paying with SEPA Direct Debit since around 01/01/2021 using the LT-account details. The mandate seems to never reach Revolut and get approved. With the old account details I could see Amazon as an approved mandate with a long list of Amazon subsidiaries with account access in the “Transfers” section of the app.

And today when I paid with my normal Revolut card, did not show a 3DS prompt, and consequently Revolut declined the transaction.

I’ve never seen any check or 3DS with Amazon. Payment just goes through.

Me neither, the same with CVV.

But I hate Amazon right now after having spent way too much time with these issues and hope 3DS will bankrupt Amazon muhahaha :smiling_imp:

Maybe just remove and add your card in Amazon again could help?

I tried, but let’s wait a couple of days. Last time I had SEPA issues with Amazon they blocked my profile and asked me to transfer the money + a €3 fee.

What a mess.


My solution was to cancel the order and try again. The “Revise payment method” button apparently does not work.