account blocked after an attempt to buy on it

After a succefull purchase on of a 7euros product, i tried to buy something for 500euros but the account get blocked.

Does anyone have an idea cause the first purchase worked very well but then …


Hi @NadR94600.

Thank you for contacting us.

I can see your account unlocked :slight_smile: Could you please confirm this?


Andreas K.

Seems like its unlocked but should i retry to buy now cause the amazon
verification is still pending

It wasn’t locked, as I can see :slight_smile:

its not the revolt account but the amazon account that get blocked

Check in with Amazon France’s support staff to get to account unlocked.

I did but when i try again to use the card the account get blocked again.

Hi, I’m in a loop…
After bought 1200 $ on Amazon, they locked my account and asked my the statement of the credit card, where they can see my address and le last four numbers of the credit cards.
I’ve used the virtual card.
How I exit from that loop??
That’s from January.
Does anyone help me?

Ye happend To me everytime il buying with revolut on amazon

Yes, but the problem is that they lock all the account you will make!!

That is incredible.

I’ve opened a new account, and I’ve inserted my Credit Card VISA (not revolut), I’ve made a little order (cover for my phone) then 20 minutes they locked!!

I’m hopeless…