not accepting Revolut cards ?

Hi Everyone,

I tried ordering a phone on (US) this morning (I am based in switzerland) and I keep getting the following message when trying to order using my revolut card :


We have canceled your recent order(s) because we were unable to charge your credit card.

We are unable to determine why your credit card was declined. A charge can be declined for a variety of reasons, some of which may not be related to the validity of the credit card. For this reason, we often try processing the charge again at a later time.

You may want to contact your card issuer. Some issuers may place restrictions on electronic and Internet purchases.

There is about three times the amount needed in the Revolut account. I then tried with my other mastercard from my bank and it worked directly.

I am really disappointed as I wanted to use the revolut to get a good rate on the $ and not pay additional fees to my bank.

I tried asking the support in app, but they could not help, just telling me my revolut card was fine, but obviously something is wrong

Anyone else has had a similar issue ? Does it mean we cannot use the Revolut card with Amazon ?


Hi @Gregoire,

Did you pass the card pre-authorisation? Are all the card details correct?

You should be able to use your card to Amazon.

Just to confirm I use my Revolut (virtual) card on Amazon all the time without any issues :slight_smile:

Hi Andreas,
Thanks for your answer. All the card details are correct (even the billing address), I even got the pre-authorization I think (a $0 debit for, still have two of those on the accounts pending). But straight after the order is confirmed I receive the cancellation email I copy pasted in my OP and the order is cancelled in my amazon customer center. Given other people seems to manage to order on it and that my other credit card worked, it definitely means there was an issue with my Revolut :sweat:

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Thanks, confirm that I got unlucky, shame Revolut customer service let me down on this one

Hi @Gregoire,

that usually works.
Do you have e-commerce transactions activated in the app security settings ?

Maybe you should buy a lower cost item, rather than a phone, first. To make a trial run on whether the transaction works.
You could buy a product which is out of stock, so you can cancel that order with amazon later.


Thanks for your answer. Yes I have the e-commerce transaction activated. I get your point on making a lower cost transaction first to try the system, but at the same time it’s not really my job as a customer to make sure the card can be used, right? especially on one of the biggest e-commerce platform in the world. I paid for the card and there is more than enough pre-paid money on the account, why Revolut could not accept the transaction is really hard to understand. In the end I ordered the product with another card, it just decreases the trust I have in my ability to use Revolut for everything and my willingness to recommend it to friends.

Hi @Gregoire,

thanks for your feedback. It is certainly not your job as a customer to have the card accepted.
Mine is working with Amazon, but I tried it first with smaller amounts, because amazon has own restrictions and regulations with new CC’s.

Just make sure you check the general help and most likely things work out afterwards.

Thanks again for sharing, so :r: will become even better.