Amazed with Revolut ACH transfer!!

Not sure how many of you in US noticed the speed of ACH transfer when you initiate a transfer from Revolut.
Last week, I transferred funds from Revolut to another US based bank. The transfer was credited on the next day. I was amazed, as it normally takes 3 days to complete ACH transfers between US banks.
Even with direct debit, Revolut debits the funds immediately on the next day, while other banks take 3 days to update their transactions page.
The advantage of this quick update is that you come to know the real balance available in our account.
It is surprising how Revolut managed to redefine this century old banking system in US.


How did you get an ACH number? Do you know if this is possible for non-US based customers?

Revolut currently does not offer local US bank accounts for non-residents.

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