Also keep current card when going METAL



Currently on a premium pack with a physical mastercard and 2 virtual cards. I am planning to upgrade to metal. Will I be able to keep my current mastercard when I receive the new metal card or they are going to unlink it?

Also. Is it possible to also order a VISA phyisical card in my current situation (premium plan - 1 physical mastercard, 2 virtual cards). I could give up on 1 virtual card if it’s absolutely necessary. (I want to do this as I faced venues which only accept VISA and not MC)



Yes, you can have up to 3 physical cards.


In the UK you can keep all your old cards, unless you exceed the physical card limit which I believe is 3. I have a visa, mastercard which i had from the start, and then a metal mastercard. All are linked and all work fine. Each card gives me cashback regardless of the one i use.