Allowing a child to use my Revolut card



I have a child going away shortly and wondering on the legalities of letting them use my already active card. Is this legal or would there be any kind of issue with this use of my card?

Thanks for responses.



Legally no, only those whose name on it and signed the card. Technically yes until somebody ask an ID from your kid and see the name mismatch.


You can lend your card out to your family if you wish! The card does come in your name however, so as @zwt pointed out, this will not match your child’s name on their ID if asked for.


I’m still confused, isn’t it fraud to use someone else’s card? I’d like to lend my mom my card while she is on holiday in Europe. If revolt says “You can lend your card out to your family if you wish” are they implying that it is allowed within the terms and conditions of Revolut and mastercard?


Using someone else’s card without their authorisation is definitely a problem (not sure if it legally qualifies as fraud but thats technicalities). If you got the card from the owner on purpose though I couldnt imagine how could be defrauded.


There are two sides to this: the card issuer’s side and the merchant’s side. A merchant can refuse to accept a card if the identity of the account holder does not match the name printed on the card. Credit card schemes on the other hand do not definitely prohibit that an account holder can borrow the card to a spouse. But that brings a couple of other problems: the PIN should be kept private. Is sharing a PIN already a violation of a card issuer’s T&C? That probably depends on the specific card issuer terms. Some banks might phrase this more bulletproof than others. And faking a card holder’s signature is definitely forgery. And not faking it (signing with something that does not match the signature on the card) could, and should, result in the merchant refusing the payment.

For contactless payments, I don’t see any legal hurdles.



They are working on introducing shared / family accounts.