Allow users to change the "guessed" currency of top up cards


I have an EUR debit card from a Romanian bank which I use for top ups.

The app, maybe based on the card’s bin code, “guessed” it is a RON card, which it is not, and at each EUR top up I make warns me that I may want to top up in RON instead.

I think it would be an improvement in the user experience if the app allowed the user to select the actual currency for top up cards, either when adding a new card, or in cases like mine, where the “guessed” currency is wrong.


Nice idea.
I support it


Yeah this idea is very good as I also have cards in different currencies from my local bank and Revolut every time asks if I’m sure about the top up currency.


Did you have any fx fee when you choose “yes, continue”?


No, there is no fx fee. I would just prefer to set the correct card currency once rather than re-confirm it for every top up.