Allow sending money to the Philippines in local pesos (PHP)?

I would like to request the feature of being able to send money to a Philippines bank account, in the local currency (PHP).

Currently it is only allowed to send money to the Philippines in other currencies.

This feature already exists in Transferwise (and a few other money transfer services), so it is definitely doable.

I am hoping that Revolut will allow this! Thank you for considering :slight_smile:


so if you have gbp it does not allow you to exhnage the money?
and when you add bank account, the Philippines is not there?

It is there but you cannot choose their local currency. You can transfer to a slew of other currencies but not to pesos.

Yes, having PHP would be nice

Got to use transferwise for month to get some money to the Philippines on peso.
Don’t know why revolut can’t do it too.

Revolut fees for sending to PH bank are the same as in Transferwise. It is variable fee 0.4566% for exchange and fix fee 150peso per transfer when you send 50EUR to PH bank. But transfer by Revolut spend 2-4 work days and by Transferwise around 24 hours. And in Transferwise you have PH account, so you can change money to PHP when rate is good and let them on PHP account.

Revolut fees (= Transferwise fees) to PH bank account is still better than Azimo. For example when you send 50EUR to PH bank, so they do not get 2971peso, but 2807 by Revolut or Transferwise and 2726peso by Azimo. But by Azimo you can send cash to Cebuana or MLhuilier and to minor persons with school ID too.

Yesterday I received an e-mail by Revolut which says “Good news! From now you can transfer your local currency on local accounts in Indonesia, India, Malaysia and the Philippines.”
However my trials to send money to the Philippines were all declined. Does anybody has experiences?

I received the same e-mail but it’s not working either. I can only transfer CHF/EUR… so far?

Are transfers to the Philippines now working ?

Yes, it works, but not always. My last transfer was about two weeks ago and only worked on the second attempt. On the first attempt the money (12.500php) came back after almost two days. The second time the transfer was executed within about 3 hours (same amount, same account).

Consistent and reliable then :rofl:

I tried to send money several times ( below 1000EUR as per limit ) and only first transfer was successful. Why? Is there monthly limit? All transfer now are declined and refunded with ~1EUR charge? Anyone having same issue?

I have joined the community in hopes of getting better answers.

I live in Singapore and normally send SGD converted to PHP to my own BPI account. It has been going well since I normally send the equivalent of under £1000 every 14th of the month followed by an equivalent £200 the week after. I have to do this because I cannot send the money in one shot due to some limit set by their processing bank.

Last month I needed to send a large amount.

  1. I sent PHP 69,000 as my first transaction and the money arrived in my BPI account after several hours.
  2. On the same day (evening), I sent another PHP 69,000 and the amount was refunded excluding the fees
  3. They day after I tried sending PHP 50,000 and the amount was again refunded without the fees.

I have talked with a lot of support personnel and have never gotten a consistent answer. The answers are:

  1. My transactions were declined because the beneficiary details were incorrect. I have to repeatedly point out to them that it’s the same one I have been using all this while
  2. Some would say the beneficiary bank rejected it and I should check with them. I checked with BPI and they have no clue about it and never received the 2nd and 3rd transfer.
  3. Some would say it is due to some system check or compliance reason but they can never tell me why

I have tried changing the course of the discussion and frame it as a problem and all I needed was an answer. For example, I would ask them that I need to send 1,000,000 pesos, tell me how I should do it without encountering any problems and I would only get a non-answer

It’s very frustrating how no one can tell me the actual situation or the solution to my problem. I have so many questions and I hope someone here actually knows any actual answer to them. I cannot open a new topic since I just joined.

  1. How much can I really send using Revolut in a month?
  2. Who is earning those fees that are not getting refunded? If the transfer is not even processed by the processing bank, is it correct/legal that they get to keep those fees? Is it Revolut keeping them?
  3. What is the actual problem I am faced with? At first I thought maybe it’s some duplicate issue where my second 69k was incorrectly tagged. That is why I changed the 3rd transfer to 50k but apparently it’s not. Is it a compliance issue? What am I not complying with and how do I solve that?
  4. Can I even still send money to myself after this? I am not even able to experiment for fear of incurring more losses. Plus my limits get eaten up even by unsuccessful transfers.
  5. Would upgrading to metal give me better service? I highly doubt but willing to do it if such is the case.

Thank you.

This is down, IMO, to the Philippine banks poor infrastructure. Banks are very hit and miss and in my experience very poorly managed with antiquated systems that also rely on manual processing.

You never get the same answer twice, or a full answer when communicating with Philippine banks.