allow rollover of free ATM withdrawal allowance


Just noticed something that might convince Revolut to implement the rollover feature for the ATM withdrawal allowance.

In the UK (and possibly elsewhere) are available ATM machines that allow withdrawing in a foreign currency. For example there’s an ATM machine few hundreds meters from where I live in London that allows withdrawing Euros. Moreover, those machines allow the user to charge the card in British pounds (the local currency of the ATM machine) or in Euros; when choosing the latter option with a Revolut card I see a deduction from my Revolut account for exactly the amount of cash taken from the ATM, without any fees or surcharges. Fantastic.

Now I can withdraw Euros from my Revolut card even in the months when I do not travel to a Euro country. In other words, if I know I will use a certain amount of cash at my next trip, I could use my Revolut ATM withdrawal allowance in full every month and save the cash.

Now Revolut has a choice to make:

  1. they keep everything as it is today, making it very complicated (but possible) to use my 2400 (200 x 12) allowance every year (even if I only travel to Euro countries very few times every year, even only once)

  2. alternatively, they could do the sensible action for a business that tries to makes it easier for their customer (after all they want to be different from traditional banks) and allow users to use the annual 2400 (200 x 12) allowance every year even for people travelling to Euro countries very few times every year; the rollover idea for example would be equivalent to the manual workaround as per option 1.

  3. they could also fix the issue by forbidding ATM withdrawals in foreign currencies when in the home country… I hope this won’t happen, that’s a behavior I’d expect from a traditional bank, not from someone that tries to be different.

I hope Revolut will chose option 1.


-ATM withdrawals, especially foreign currency/location withdrawals, are expensive for a retail bank, due to the fees involved.
-Problem with allowing withdrawal allowances to be ‘stored up’ is that during the ‘holiday’ periods (Summer, Christmas holidays, …) Revolut will incur significant losses, and whilst the time periods are predictable, the volume of demand (for foreign ATM withdrawals.) may significantly increase losses at the firm.
-Point of Revolut is that it’s not just a card used for foreign currency withdrawals. Plenty of other features, including currency card spending and currency exchange within the app, that make it stand out.
-‘Fair usage’: In a previous discussion on the concept of ‘fair use’ (Stop calling €200 “fair usage”), the idea of an ATM quota was discussed. Additionally, other mobile-first fintech challenger banks are also planning on implementing withdrawal quotas due to foreign ATM withdrawals being a significant cost base.


“capital” you missed my point: I agree with everything you said however given the newly discovered ability to withdraw foreign currency while at home, I can practically mimic the rollover functionality by withdrawing every month the maximum amount and save the cash for my next annual trip.
It’s time consuming for me and requires some planning and remembering… basically it makes it a pain to use the revolut card.

Given their aspiration to be different than normal banks, I hope Revolut would make their service more customer oriented and allow me to do in a more customer friendly way essentially the same thing I can do in a kludgy way. Or they can do the same as the mainstream banks and ignore their customers.

It’s key to remember that, withdrawing 200 Euros every month from the cash machine few hundreds meters from home in UK, even if traveling only a couple of times a year, I can already achieve the same as the rollover option I’m asking for (although in a customer unfriendly way).


I’d much prefer a standard fee for withdrawals rather than a percentage cuz it can end up being expensive when u dont use ATMs a lot, but u take out a lot when u do.


The rollover idea is important and see no business downside for the company. I can go for months without needing cash but when I do then a 200/400 limit is just silly and annoying. Makes it hard to recommend Revolut.


I agree with this idea! please revolut implement this !


I think it makes sense.