allow rollover of free ATM withdrawal allowance


Revolut just reduced the free ATM withdrawal allowance to £200 / month, making it difficult to plan even a single trip without having to procure cash in advance before the trip.

A suggestion to help infrequent travelers: what about allowing rollover of the unused amounts for the last 4 months? You’d avoid people using the ATM service excessively, while people going on holiday breaks once a quarter would still have a usable limit.


Hi @casaschi,

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback here. So let’s say, you haven’t used your 200£ free allowance the last 4 months, then when you’re abroad you have allowance of 800£, and 2% thereafter?


Andreas K.


That is the rollover idea.

It would allow me piece of mind that, if I need a bit of extra cash I can get that at no extra cost. Otherwise just the risk of needing more than 200£ cash would push me to take some cash in advance of the trip.

From the revolut perspective, you have a cap for heavy users, none of your customers would get more than 2400£ per year in free ATM withdrawals.

Of course you can tweak the numbers to make it work better for you and your customers.


Another way to describe it:

  • each customer has a free ATM withdrawal allowance amount
  • each first of the month, revolut adds 200£ to the free ATM withdrawal allowance amount
  • the free ATM withdrawal allowance amount is capped at a given amount (800£ in your example)
  • each ATM withdrawal takes that amount off the free ATM withdrawal allowance amount
  • each ATM withdrawal beyond what available in the free ATM withdrawal allowance is charged at 2%


This is an excellent idea. The old 500£ limit was barely enough, but the new 200£ limit is just not enough for someone going on a trip or holiday. I understand that ATM withdrawals are expensive, but the honest Revolut users that use their card 1 or 2 times a year on their holiday are the victims. So a solution like this would offer them some extra ATM allowance during a trip. Alternatively Revolut could offer their users two months a year with a higher ATM limit which they can use when going abroad.


Perhaps the simplest solution would be an annual limit for fee free cash withdrawals…?


@casaschi and @Kunga both make valid suggestions, either would potentially be better for your average user without exposing Revolut to excessive ATM costs and, not as restrictive as 200£ (which is even worse given the loss in relative value over the last year)

I think the limiting number of transactions may work out better for all concerned, whilst also making the user think whether their withdrawal is strictly necessary.

Also, where possible, Revolut should charge flat fees for withdrawals outside of the limits, I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere, that one of the problems behind a flat fee approach is with the ATM itself but, perhaps if Revolut passed on where ATMs charge flat fees, that would inspire confidence in Revolut’s actions.

Furthermore, why not help the users to help you? By now, with the historic transactions you have to hand, it must be possible to compile a list of the ATMs that are most/least friendly towards Revolut (plus whether they charge % or a flat fee) and, this is something that will improve over time, with that detail users could try and direct their business through specific ATM groups over others and, as a result, reduce the costs to Revolut and make it possible to have higher limits - everyone wins.


Hi @chrissedoff,

Thank you for your suggestions. Just to clarify, that we’re working on creating an ATM list with atms around the globe that don’t have atm fees. However, this requires some time, as we’re currently collecting data and feedback from our users. Our user’s feedback is valuable to us, improving our services.


Even being able to roll forward with 3 months withdrawal allowance would be good.


Great Idea! Would love the ability to rollover my ATM allowance for a few months


+1 for this feature. Was in Paris for a weekend and was constantly worried about hitting the withdrawal limit. I was not totally surprised at lack of desire for vendors to take card for smaller purchases, but was surprised at how quickly that added up.


I’d like to see a yearly free withdrawal amount, that ticks down as you use it. Regular travellers and occasional travellers could both benefit. 200 euros per month isn’t enough, but as I travel abroad 2/3 times a year a 1500-2000 euro rolling yearly limit would be great.

If Monzo etc can offer unlimited overseas withdrawals and remain a free account, then why can’t Revolut??

As someone suggested, perhaps a country list of free ATM’s to use, then if you don’t you get charged 50p etc?

Then if you have location settings on, and you land in a different country, Revolut text you to tell you which ones will be free?? And also which ones will cost you and how much? I understand Monzo already operate something similar I believe.


Hi, I’m new to Revolut, and one of the main reasons I joined was for the fee free ATM withdrawals whilst travelling, as well as having the ability to hold multiple currencies.

I understand Revolut has to make money and one of ways they do this is to gain on card purchases. I would happily change to use Revolut as my main card for purchases, it this were to help Revolut, however, I would want to see an increase in the ATM withdrawal amount. Could there be a system where those customers who were actively profit generating would be rewarded with greater withdrawal limits? I’ve read on other discussions about the need to change habits, I think this would seriously encourage people to adopt Revolut in their everyday life and keep it in their purse / wallet, rather than saving for travelling abroad where there is little gain to Revolut.

Just a suggestion, but might be worth considering.


Bring this feature on!


+1 for me as well. It’s a fantastic idea and a great product, just hamstrung by the low ATM allowance abroad. If it was 200 a day, not month it would be perfect and I’d happily use it as my main account, surely this would help generate fees that would offset the costs of overseas withdrawals? Until then tho I’ll have to stay with my normal bank or see what the likes of Starling Bank come up with.


I travel only once a year, for three weeks. So my abroad revolut card usage is limited to one ATM withdrawal. This way being able to take cash out of ATM and live for holidays for £200 which is pretty small amount even to buy ice creams or few drinks. Yearly limit would be great in this case.
In my situation even yearly limit of £500 would be better than £100 monthly.

I hope revolut is deeply thinking about it and would introduce this in no longer than 1 month time :slight_smile:


any luck boys? perhaps some plans to change allowance in nest week or two? :slight_smile:


I’ve tried in a separate post to try and get an answer if they’ll consider a yearly limit, but guess what…no response from Revolut. I think I’ve got my answer.

I’ve been giving Starling a whirl and they are superb, with very similar rates and great responsive customer service. The only think you can’t do is have a different currency account. But being that I can only get £200 a month in cash when abroad from Revolut, that idea is useless anyway. Starling it is for me!!


That limit is just for ATM withdrawals.


Yes but lots of places don’t take cards. In Portugal where I was 3 weeks ago had virtually nowhere that took cards, it was cash. I spent 600 euros on food and drink etc, so I would have been stumped with Revolut.

I used a mixture of euros from the uk and some withdrawals (via Starling) to get by. Defeats the purpose if I need to take cash from the uk too.