Allow geolocation for same payment already approved in the future


I noticed that sometimes when I do shopping :shopping: the payment has been refused because of the location.

However, it would be great to allow this same payment will be approved automatically in the future.
(In order to avoid to every time unselect the box to allow the payment and re select it again after the payment approved).

Many thanks

Is this physical shopping or online shopping?

I think if they were to implement that we would be loosing the purpose of that security feature.

In the event of your card being cloned that would mean that the “cloner” could spend with your cloned card in every shop you already spent before.

However if you don’t want to have to change the setting everytime you could use for your physical payment another card such as Curve, where you add a virtual Card to it (as there is no location security feature). And only use virtual card when doing online shopping.

It was the case for Physical shopping ,