Allow cryptocurrency transactions out to personal wallets

Dear Revolut. This is urgent and necessary. Great that you offer your customers to buy Bitcoin et al, but by disallowing or not providing an option to transact out, you are putting your customers funds at risk. You are making yourself a target. Have recent hacks taught us nothing? This is not optional. This is required part of the service.

Your keys - your bitcoin. Not your keys - not your bitcoin.

Right now, if I understand your terms of service correctly, I am buying bitcoin for you with my own money. Until this is fixed, I am staying away from trading cryptocurrencies with Revolut.

Thank you

what made you think, that Revolut is trading platform?

Nothing at all. I don’t really care for trading. But storing crypto-currency with a custodian be it an exchange or a bank like Revolut defeats the purpose of said currency. You lose peer-to-peer decentralized property - the essence of any crypto-currency. Crypto is means to an end, decentralization is value proposition.


i love the initiative but i wont be buying/selling crypto on revolut until it is possible to withdraw/ deposit/ make payments to other wallets like you can with all fiat currencies on revolut. is this something you will introduce in the future?