Allow change of base currency


I moved from Eurozone to the UK, updated my address and phone number in my account, but the base currency is still in EUR. Customer support said that it’s not possible to switch to GBP, since my account was first activated in Eurozone. It feels like I’m hitting red tape - I don’t see why changing the base currency should even be an issue. :slight_smile:


This is shambles (on the Revolut support part, obviously). I know at least two people who got their base currency changed. You will just need to provide proof of the new address for Revolut to comply with the AML regulations but that should be it.

Can we have a confirmation from someone on the Revolut team please ?


It’s been 6 months since my original request, so I decided to ask customer support again. They told me that the only way to change my account’s base currency from EUR to GBP is to delete my account, and then create a new one with the same UK phone number and address.

This basically means:

  1. Withdraw all funds (to EUR and GBP bank accounts)
  2. Ask them to delete my account (losing my transaction history)
  3. Create a new account (paying for a new card)
  4. Transfer funds back

All this seems totally unnecessary to me and doesn’t make sense. I’ve got a UK phone number and address, shouldn’t my account be automatically flagged as a UK account? I wasn’t even accepted to the current account beta because of that issue and I have a feeling my business account beta application had the same fate… :frowning: