Allow Auto Topup on transfers


This is basically a reference to my thread in another topic but thought I’d cleanly add it to here in case it gets missed as a possible idea/action point.

It would be great if we can have the auto topup feature not care about the type of transaction that occurred to take the balance below the threshold.

Personally I use my account for a variety of things, including sending money to family in other countries. I could automate this via my bank but then I’d be paying a stupid fee every time, so I turned to Revolut as I was using it already since I moved abroad. I can automate the outgoing transfers which is great, but I can’t automate the incoming/topup ones and of course, cannot automate the currency exchange.

I can see a couple of issues; Autotopup in account 1, exchange to account 2 would possibly trigger an auto topup of account 1, so you’d always have twice as much in your account as you’d expect.

One way around this (if it’s possible with how the system is built) is a more sophisticated topup system. The ability to pick which currency/account to top up, and define rules that can encompass your entire Revolut balance, or specific account(currency) balances.

Example. “When my GBP account < £1000 Top up 10000SEK to my SEK account”

Maybe this is a solution to a problem only I have :stuck_out_tongue: But still think the auto topup feature needs more to it.