All Payments Fail and say contact support - No reply from support.

Since yesterday all payments fail on my card and say contact support.

I have more than enough money in the account and have turned off location based security.

Card is not frozen. I have tried multiple sites and all fail. Can transfer funds in/out of my account. I have no limit set on the account and have not used more than £100.

I used one site fine yesterday morning and then tried to use it again in the evening and payment declined saying contact support.

I have some payments pending on my account that have 100% been paid and money taken from my account.

Please can somebody help.

Hey @djtickle :slight_smile:

Unless @JessicaZ or @AndreasK answer faster here, you’ll have to wait for a live agent in the chat. Have you been informed how long will it take to speak to one?

It said 6 hours but it has been almost 24 now. :frowning:

Support replied and all sorted.