All IBAN's on the REVOLUT app


It will be nice and very useful if I could see all my IBAN accounts on the Revolut app.
For example something like “Outbank” app (iOS) direct on our REVOLUT app.


presentation can be quite tricky. currently you see boldly and clearly exactly the one you are looking for… it would be quite messy to see the complete list for all currencies on the same page

fortunately, for businesses doing advance onboarding you get a single multicurrency virtual IBAN for all SWIFT transactions… but that option doesn’t exist for consumers


I think post is about multibanking functionality, since Outbank is mentioned: accounts from different providers in one app.


so the request is about adding revolut support to that aggregator?


To be more specific. I live in Germany and in my Deutsche Bank App I can add and see the sold that I have from all the banks where I have accounts. If Revolut will offer this option, I will use only one app - Revolut