All-black premium card


For a real premium feel that makes the card really shine, offering an entirely black colour option would be ace.

Metal (Aluminium?) Cards for Revolut Premium?
New Mock-up for an All-Black Revolut Premium card
Making all-black business credit card available for private customers

Silver and black combination (as the pink and black one) would be huge also! :heart_eyes:


Hm, I don’t know what I should think about the premium card design. The silver one is simple enough. The rose one is also simple, at least. I am not convinced by the bi-colour design. It has nothing to do with the original standard card design. It’s a completely new approach. It looks weird. The only way out of that dilemma that I can see is that Revolut is going to introduce new colours once in a while. Like special editions, seasonal colours like Apple’s watch bands. And then they should also vary the segmentation of the bi-colour design: vertical instead of horizontal. Slanted. To make this weird exception part of a series.


I really like the idea but I agree with Frank. There could be special editions ( which I would get tbh ) to make a difference. An all black one would not really fit their original product line.


I still can’t quite see how to order the premium card.

Any ideas??


Had the same problem - You can only upgrade to premium after updating your app.


Having already updated the app I realised that I had to cancel one of the two standard cards that I have.

Once I cancelled one card I could then order another and had the option of Premium card design.


+1 to a fully dark card.


New black/grey premium card is here @ ! :smiley: