Aliases for cards and accounts

Hello !

I have a little suggestion.

In the top-up section, I have 4-5 different debit/credit cards.

The only way to make a distinction between them is to memorize their last four numbers and remember that *** 1234 is for Bank A and *** 5678 is fort the bank B.

It would be nice to be able to give a name, an alias to each card. For example, one card could be named Green Bank Visa, other card could be named Red Bank Mastercard, etc…

Thank you ! :wink:


And my suggestion is also applicable for the different beneficiary in the bank transfer section :blush:

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For physical cards, would be great to have the card name printed too.

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Hi @Eleboeuf,

All transfers made to top up your Revolut account need to be in the name of the account holder. If not, your transfer will be rejected!

I understand, however as Revolut is giving the opportunity to have up to 2 physical cards, it would be useful to tag each card (for differentiation purposes) as currently done electronically. This would give a better way to differentiate each card, rather than by numbers. Alternatively a different design would save that purpose too.

I agree - I have 3 bank accounts that I transfer money into Revolut from. It is a challenge to identify which card relates to which account as they are identified only by the last 4 digits of the card number. It would be really useful to be able to add a label to the card so I know that card ***1234 is my personal savings account, ****5678 is the joint account with my wife, etc.

I always end up reaching for my wallet to actually look through my cards to make sure I am not Topping up from from the wrong account.


Just wanted to ask about tags for top ups either… It seems this bothers not only me…

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All for that!

Names of top-up cards as well as… BANK TRANSFERS!!!

This one drives me nuts- I have 3 different euro accounts, all my personal ones, and so all the predefined transfers are named in the same way- with my name :wink: Right now I need to figure out which is which by looking at the last 4 digits of IBAN. That’s really inconvenient.


I’m totally agree with this idea. Aliases for cards and accounts!! My two banks did that two years ago.

Any chance to change the name of the thread to “Aliases for cards and accounts” to reflect better whats inside? @AndreasK

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up! especially for accounts!

Been asking for a while.

This would be useful!

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