Airport Lounges for Premium Users


I understand that. But when is the amount captured? After using the code or when you create it? I am still trying to understand how it works. Let’s say I’m on a trip with a long stopover. I decide to go to a lounge, buy a pass but then can’t enter because it’s full. Is the card not debited? Or do I get a refund? Or will they tell me to use it next time which may well be never because I won’t travel through that airport anytime soon.


Any card in your account? Or lounge service tied to one specific card.


The code is valid until they scan it and approve it. If they don’t let you in for whatever reason it would still be valid. You might need to claim that to Revolut if you don’t want to use it, as those codes are specific for a lounge in a certain airport, where you might never return and it can’t be used somewhere else. In that scenario you have already paid Revolut for the access code but the access code has not been used. You can easily claim that to revolut.

So, I remember correctly and that the money is debited once you purchase the access code.

The code will be active in your lounges section until activated and once you are let in.

Yet again, I wouldn’t worry, about not getting in; in many of my trips even without revolut, there was never issues of lounge access. Either with business trip, paid access and now revolut.