Airport Lounges for Premium Users


I don’t have this option at all in the app (active or inactive). I’m metal member, but no lounge function here.

Is it for real or just for some test users?


Most probably only for beta users. Usually beta users get the feature one week in advance.


From what I’ve gather it’s not even worth it’s weight, £25 per use.

It’s also beta users only! I’m not a beta user so don’t beat me up, Revolut guys


Access fee to entry the lounge in the Istanbul airport Ataturk - 48 EUR / pax.
Access fee to entry the lounge in Romanian airport Otopeni (MaterCard lounge) - 40 EUR

All tested by me this week. So 25 £ (~30 €) it’s better compared with the actual prices.

Nothing is for free! :sunglasses:


Which lounge in Istanbul is 40€?

Just go to the sky team ones. 25€ :stuck_out_tongue:



What are the price?
How many access pr week, month, year?


That’s more expensive than just buy the lounge pass my airport


:heart_eyes: that would be great addition!


Depends on which lounge in Ataturk. Turkish Airlines that’s one thing, but if it’s Primeclass (top of the food court escalator, near HSBC lounge) you can get directly for 25eur per visit with a membership for the lounge, so not good value.


…actually will be nice to have some free lounge access included into metal subscription.


I think it will be one. I don’t know if it’s per month, year or forever. :grimacing:


I feel stupid, according to to the App

I only get one free pass (that’s reasonable though) but further analysing this supposed 27 EUR flat-rate offer, I found they’re the pretty much the same offered by some few first Google ranked results, competitors.

Anyway, I’ve requested the Metal Concierge to review those prices including the competitors for one specific flight, we will see the outcome, but I’m initially truly disappointed. Even the N26 Metal offer more consistent discounts.


Very grateful for the free lounge pass, but as someone who flies several times a week, in economy, there’s zero advantage to paying for access through Revolut. In fact, looking at the lounges available, it’s standard price for most, and more expensive in some cases. Only winner for this is Revolut. Doesn’t sound like a “premium only” benefit to me 🤷


I have a premium and have Lounges now since about one day. I searched about 10 different lounges in some 8 diffferent airports and the price per one person and one visit is always £24.99. After 2 min google search, this is really no deal. You find even cheaper offers online. I am dissapointed, if i realise I was going for premium a year ago, partially since i believed Revolut will do a serious Lounges offer soon as they promised.


Very interesting thread


Used the free option in Dublin and paid option on Madrid. It works really well. You get a bar code which needs to be activated at reception and they only ask you for expiration date of your card.


Why, is the amount only authorized once you enter the lounge? I’d be interested to know how the process works. Do you buy the ticket for a specific date/time, and what happens when the lounge is full?


Yes, once you get in they scan the code to validate it. It doesn’t request an specific date or time. I did it just before entering the room. Not sure what would happen if it’s full. The one in Madrid was pretty busy and it was ok !!


I guess if it’s full they’ll smile and tell you to get an elite credit card or get miles jajajajaj