Airport Lounges for Premium Users


That’s an announcement, nothing else! I’m not buying it.


Maybe, for once, they actually finished something they promised ages ago


How about you wait the month and see if they launch it, and then give them flack if they don’t.

Edit: Let’s remember the feature implementation length was mentioned during the Open Letter and the CEO said they would be promising things only when being able to meet them.


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let’s see if they actually deliver. 10 days to do so.


We have now end of the year… No airport lounge available… Only say soon


I knew it :smiley:


2 days to go. Still hope :rofl:


Honestly if they let me down again I may have to find my home elsewhere :thinking: I’m still waiting on all the tiger stuff they promised, I’m getting sick of the letdowns now, especially since I was looking forward to all of these things being available at roughly when I turned 18.


I don’t think it’s coming tomorrow :thinking:


Or, just like the local accounts, appear somewhere in the app. Without information anywhere else x)


And because of such reactions they try to give specific dates as late as possible #soon :smile:

When it comes, it comes. Such things as airport lounges are just “luxery” features.
The important part is that they are working on it and not when they will release it. Waiting such a long time can be annoying yeah, but it will come. Same with CH IBAN, Local PLN Accounts etc.


I would rather they just give me conservative estimates and meet them, instead of “let’s do this as quick as we can” and then they fail to meet the ETA. Soon™ is even more annoying. Soon? February to now isn’t soon for God’s sake!

It’s definitely not a luxury feature for Premium and Metal. Those tiers, in my opinion aren’t worth their weight without some frequent traveller perks.

cc: @AndreasK

Give us some conservative estimates on what we’ve been waiting for, thanks


Well, Premium and Metal itself are luxury products and nobody should get it if they wait for something special until Revolut implemented it :smile:

And yes estimated Dates would be nice, and also the word soon is overused but it would be kinda the same if they would keep saying “in the future” , “someday” , … ,…

But what should they do, if they can’t give an exact date because it’s impossible? If they just would postpone it over and over again we would also end up in such a discussion.


An exact year. For instance “Local Polish details are coming in 2019 for all users”

That’s enough of a buffer time for them to definitely succeed in bringing to us. Even they could specify that more “the second half of 2019” so we can’t ask for anything more than that.

cc: @AndreasK


You can buy lounge with revolut for £20 but there are not special offer for metal plan yet.



Twenty twenty


LMAO it’s 20-25€ to get into almost any lounge without any subscription :))))))))


There is still no credible source for that statement


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Price for access is?



Probably 120PLN/120RON