Airport Lounges for Premium Users


I can see that some people have asked the same question. Any ideas on when will the Airport Lounges for Premium Users be launched? I’m a frequent flyer, and it’s one of the reasons why I’ve selected Premium?
Has anyone used the Airport Lounges already? Any news from Revolut? This has been showing as ‘‘coming soon’’ for quite some time.


Hey Jnmascaro

Airport Lounges are not available yet. Last rumor i heard was that it will come with the new Platinium plan which includes a Metal card.


Thanks Henri.
Hope to hear news from Revolut soon!


they are no longer showing airport lounges on comin soon section


Thats a problem… because it was promissed for premium users.
I’d love to have airport lounge and was one of the main reasons why i subscribed to premium…

But if they’ll bring it with Platinum or something else, then we really have a problem :slight_smile:

@henrikbjorn it should actually come with Premium otherwise… dunno. But doesnt sounds good to throw away the premium users after a year (or more) of lounges promisses.


It’s going to be available for everybody, but at different price points. That’s how I understood it.


As Frank said, different price points but available for all.


Thats why I did not renew my premium plan :joy:


Sorry to say, but Revolut is looking more and more like a kindergarten project…

  • terrible customer support
  • airport lounges “coming soon “ for premium members - plans changed
  • Apple Pay “coming soon “ since early 2017
  • Google Pay - “coming soon” - last feedback from Chad -“ for sure end of April” - still no news.
  • Lot of cripto exchanges banned (seems due to new regulations) - no announcement from Revolut.
  • XRP announced for end of April - still not available
  • the REVOGB21/REVOGB2L saga back in January

Guys, men-up an clean the mess until it’s to late…


@henrikbjorn still not.

Airport lounges was appearing in Premium menu as coming soon not in the general one (like wealth and credit which are coming soon for everyone, one day).
This was giving the impression that airport lounges are coming exclusively to premium users, in times with no words about platinum and things. This means, at the time of subscription, for new premium users airport lounge was appearing as you’re gonna have the best price/ offer because of its exclusivity.

Is a bit tricky. Because it can be interpreted in many ways and none good for revolut …

Metal cards

The might keep it for people that move o premium before a certain date. Would be great to get an answer from them !


This is really frustrating, it was offered as something that was coming soon and I paid the premium fee on that basis.
An answer from Revolut to clear this up would be nice, or even an email from them explaining what was happening rather than just quietly removing it would have been good


They said, officially at an event in London that was live broadcasted on Facebook and is still available there, that they haven’t cancelled it, it’s just not going to be exclusive to Premium anymore. With Platinum around the corner, it becomes something that will be available for all users at different price points.


Any news guys…? Still waiting.
I have airport lounge but only for SkyTeam and I’m rarely flying with them :joy: (and they’re not available anywhere).


Soon:tm: maybe? Probably not


cc: @Iskender


Oh and I just decided to cancel my premium plan because was not delivered in a year of waiting :joy:


Haha looks like you cancelled just before they are adding it? Will you be resubscribing knowing the case now?


Let’s see how it works and if it worth.

Hopefully it won’t be like the metal plan.


If it were on metal paired with a few more things like perks maybe it’ll actually make metal worth it!