Airport Lounge access... WHEN?


one per month or per year?


It’s not clear yet, but I have a feeling it’s either going to be one per year, or it might even be a one-off free access that isn’t renewed.

If the entry charge is €27.99 as indicated above, the numbers just won’t add up certainly for Premium and probably for Metal for it to be renewed monthly


I agreed to a yearly subscription plan. So once I quit, it will certainly run until the ending date and I will not get a refund. obviously. I do not expect them to not accept my cancellation.


Well N26 only charges 15€ for each time, Maybe 20 GBP?


Many book there own ticket, and take care from an app or a website these days
A lounge access program would be great, maybe with a upgrade on hotels, flight, uber, lyft, taxi, etc?


That’s expensive only 1 time access each month
I rather just pay up front, or find coupon online/discount


I cannot find “Lounges” on the list of Metal Perks anymore, is this the case for anyone else too?

Besides I disagree with the luxury aspect of lounges. If that’s what your looking for then First Class is the way. I want you he lounge access feature because it is convenient for a regular traveller like me. No need to look around for WiFi or food…


I cant find it either and im with metal card as well?


I’m on the metal plan and can confirm there is no mention of airport lounge access anywhere


Not there for me either.
I just purchased metal today as I am flying to the US in the next few weeks and was hoping to make use of the lounge feature!!

Seems I might be out of luck.


So we can now access lounges direct from Revolut. Perfect.

Only issue is price. It’s cheaper for the lounges I’ve looked at, to pay at the door…


You’ve spotted the catch! :open_mouth:


agree, unfortunately you actually pay a higher price with the revolut app than just to pay full price at the door…


unfortunately either Revolut got seriously screwed by Collinson Group in their deal or we as customers are getting seriously screwed by Revolut and they’re skimming the difference to the real price off the top. really disappointing, after two years of working on it… i was really hoping for a good offer here. now in terms of airport lounge access it’s just what normal banks/cards offer, just a lot worse and more expensive.


I updated my Revolut app this morning and spotted Lounge Access. Took the option and checked for access at Schipol Lounge 41 in May. Price shown was £24.99. Went online to check the price booking direct and it was £24. Why would I pay more through Revolut?


So this is a part of the perks that motivates paying for premium? Then you need to think again.

After paying for premium, I now have the “perk” of paying 40% more for a lounge visit (25GBP), compared to walk-in price (18GBP). Not only massively overpriced, I also take the risk of being denied due to lounge full, because the Revolut lounge pass must the pre-purchased.


Can’t you ask the person who sells the tickets if the lounge is full?

Not trying to say the offer is good, but common sense has to come into it at some point when it comes into booking.


When I saw the lounge fees I was actually surprised and I thought its a rip off…

But after some research I found that a lot of people forget that the way lounges works is that you either have to have a membership for that (not listing 1st class tickets or other similar options etc) or its a no go.

So if you have the cheapest membership which will prob will be 80 eur or so, THEN you still need to pay 25 eur every time you access a lounge… So what revolut does is just skipping the membership fees I guess and just gives you that exclusive membership behind the scenes while you still need to pay the entrance fee.


There’s quite a few lounges that don’t require a membership at all, I think @Iskender mentioned the sky team lounges don’t require one and quite a few others don’t either. On top of that the pay at the door price is cheaper.


When you fly from A to B most probably you’re flying a big carrier which is part of an alliance.

You don’t have to join the alliance. You’ll have access to their lounges for ~25€

Usually you can’t go to an alliance lounge while flying with another alliance as they’re strategically positioned in dedicated terminals.

But yeah. This always works.