Airport Lounge access... WHEN?


Why not adding a plan with Airport Lounge access? Coincerge is very useless and it was pushed through the metal programme . As we are mostly using Revolut for travelling I guess it would be the greatest perk and I would pay more for the service hands down(and surely I’m not alone).

LE: Local banks already offer partnerships with Lounge Key or Priority Pass. I think Revolut can do this too…


They are working on it.


it also has been “a priority” since September 2017.


by end of this year :smiley: i thing 31.12.2018 ;(


This feature is part of the previous Revolut’s overpromising strategy… and after experiencing no progress at all I‘ve cancelled the Premium Membership.


We can now buy lounges for £20 with revolut, but they do not have special offer for metal card plan yet. Perchaps in the future…


Where do you see this?


From support they said that i can buy access

Premium: Airport Lounges

So again something without public announcement?



Can we get screenshots? Also I’d like to ask, buy lounge access where?


Just ask the customer service


I’m in with the customer service now. I feel sorry for them because I’m getting really fed up with Revolut and their constant “soon”. Soon has lost all meaning!

Edit: this feature has no ETA :slight_smile:



The airport lounges will come soon before January 2019, aka by the end of 2018 so you can enjoy Revolut lounge access during your holidays

I’m so sorry. I was thinking about the Chinese New Year