Airline Ticket

Has anyone had issues in booking an airline ticket with revolut?
I booked a ticket through, the booking was confirmed, the amount debited from my account but the next day the booking was cancelled.

Have booked om jetstar and used with Norwegian without any problems. You should contact the site you booked on for more information regarding the cancellation

I booked a ticket through but my ticket was rejected somehow. Can it be an issue related to Revolut?

Only if the payment was rejected. If you already paid and it was successful then it is most likely the travel site that cancelled it. You should contact them.

The travel site said they have security concerns regarding my credit card. So I don’t know what means

Sounds like they are going to revert the transaction. This can last a couple of days. If you want it to happen faster, you can tell the merchant to provide some sort of code. With that code, Revolut is able to credit the money back to your account a little bit faster. The support chat should be able to explain the exact procedure a litte bit more in detail, but that is what I remember about it.

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