AirBnB Payout Bank Reference

I’m trying to use my Revolut account to receive money from AirBnB. (I am a host and I receive payouts from AirBnb whenever a guest stays in my apartment).

The problem I’m having is that AirBnb doesn’t have anywhere where to put in the Revolut reference that is needed to link SWIFT transfers to my account.

Is there a way around this issue?


This thread seems to discuss a similar issue.


Similar problem
I’m from Bulgaria and when I use the Swift reference, Airbnb doesn’t recognize it. Revolut has a GB IBAN, which confuses Airbnb.
I really want to use Revolut though, because Bulgarian banks charge a fortune for international bank transfers… :’(

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Which currency do you want to receive?

According to the link posted by @capital you will need a Bulgarian IBAN (assuming your account with them is registered under Bulgaria). As Revolut offers British IBAN, it probably wont work.

Though it would appear Airbnb is in violation of in this case.

I’ll be receiving payments from different currencies and spending in Bulgarian leva.
Revolut stated on their site that personal IBANs would be coming soon. I don’t know if that would help the problem.
I even hesitated to use Revolut’s address for the payment registration at Airbnb but I guess that would be plain stupid.

I would not use their address either.

The problem here with Airbnb, they would need to accept the IBAN and are technically in violation of the aforementioned regulation.

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There is an excemption in this regulation for non-consumer services. Renting out on Airbnb might fall into this category.

Possibly, something to clarify with them.

I hope this gets fixed :frowning:
I would also like to use revolut for airbnb payouts

I linked my Revolut with Airbnb for payouts this way