Agent lock me "on line mode" and didn't answer for 2 days


First of all I’m premium user and I have paid my year fee.
I started a chat with support agent Kamil, asking a few questions because last year you moved my year limit and for my surprise it was down again to the original amount. So I asked if I need to whitelist my incomings again which is annoying to be honest. He says yes without any proposals and I passed all the documentation. That’s was 36 hours ago and still waiting.
But really this is not the real issue, i started new questions about insurance in the premium service and the guy didn’t speak to me in all this time. I’m desperate because I’m on travel and about to reach my maximum, so I’m really in a bad situation. The only answer I got is silence even that I suppose to have 24/7 service as premium member.
This is insane because Kamil in order to don’t allow me to reach any other agent has keep my conversation opened so I can’t even speak with anyone else
I’m really piss off and thinking paying premium is quite useless!


I recommend you to use a “real” bank.


You can try to type “resolved”, then “live agent” ones again. This should assign another agent.
And how about… contact them via Twitter- this is the most efficient way of contact with revolut…


How do I click on resolved. I don’t see the option. The worst support agent ever Kamil


No, you shouldn’t click anything, just type it (I mean- write it down in chat)