Age of revolut user


My daughter is able send me money from her own debit card (by and/ or bank account (by money transfer). So she has her own id, passport, high Street bank account, debit card but she is too young (under 18) for revolut. Silly, isn’t it?


Yes, under European law, customers must be legally competent to agree to the legal stuff that comes with bank accounts and services like Revolut. In most countries, underaged customers need their parent’s consent to open a bank account (as far as I am aware). Traditional banks might offer postal verification services that can handle this or one opens the account in person at a branch, but it would make a video identification process or Revolut’s simplified ID verification very complex. It seems that therefore most of the modern challenger banks that rely on fast and easy onboarding decided to limit their services to people of legal age.


Traditional banks offer verification by money transfer from another bank too. So if somebody has an account opened in bank in traditional way he/ she is able to open another account remotely. Account is fully active after money transfer from another bank’s account with the same data (ie. Name, address, etc.)


How does verifying someone’s identity / address this way help with the necessary consent of an adult? My guess is it would just overcomplicate everything like product development, roll out of new features, integration of insurance services, high risk crypto trading … all T&Cs of partners, card issuers, payment processors, currency exchange platforms would have to be harmonized … and Revolut is not a bank yet, maybe regulatory requirements for companies under e-money license are different in this matter since funds are not protected under FSCS.


Hmmm, only this way- if you have an account it obviously mean that you have an adult’s consent. So you are able to open another account… Tricky? :joy:
From the other hand 18 years is only contractual limit. In some countries the are other limits…